Top Ten sculptures by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray
painted metal abstract wall sculpture
"Wall Sculpture #16" (35x46x12) is an abstract wall sculpture by California sculptor Bruce Gray. It is constructed of welded aluminum, and painted by hand. The colorfully patterned planes and spheres intersect each other as if the whole sculpture was exempt from the laws of gravity. Several sculptures from this numbered wall sculpture series have been in films and on TV. This series has been very popular and there are only a few left currently available. This unique and elaborate version is $6000.
modern metal table
The "Form Table" is a futuristic functional art table sculpture. It is constructed by hand in welded aluminum by famous Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. It's elegant sweeping S curve supports an odd angled glass top. (16x53x27) This piece of ultra-modern functional art furniture is one of Bruce's most popular sculptures, and it is currently available at $4000. It can also be commissioned in stainless steel or as a larger, taller dining table. It has been featured in several magazines worldwide.
giant high heel shoe sculpture Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray's giant 6 foot tall glossy red high heel fetish shoe sculpture was fabricated by hand in steel and painted with high quality automotive paints. This unique sculpture is the largest in Bruce's series of high heel shoe sculptures, and is currently available at $25,000. Bruce's shoe sculptures have become world famous, and can be seen in the new film "Raise Your Voice."
full size motorcycle sculpture
The giant "Motorcycle" sculpture (55x94x33) is constructed in heavy industrial steel found objects including 2 very heavy massive gears for wheels, a train coupling link for the seat, train springs for shocks, and a BMW R75/5 motorcycle engine and tailpipes. This slightly oversized motorcycle sculpture almost looks ridable, but the engine is non-functional, and this incredible piece of art is meant to be enjoyed visually only. This unique found object motorcycle sculpture looks half retro, and half futuristic, like it was used by "Mad Max," or some other post apocalyptic character. The motorcycle sculpture is equally at home indoors or outside, and is currently available for $25,000. Approximate weight of 500-800 pounds. Must be seen in person to really appreciate this piece.
swiss cheese sculpture in metal
"The Big Cheese #4" Standing Sculpture (25x29x43) is constructed in welded aluminum. This version includes many intersecting bubbles of various diameters. This is one of the sculptures in Bruce's series of oversized objects inspired by Claes Oldenburg. It is currently available at $15,000. The "Big Cheese" can be commissioned in any size, and also in steel, stainless steel, or with various patinas. This sculpture appeared on Discovery Channel's "Monster House," in the season 4 finale of HBO's "Six Feet Under," and in a book titled The Sculpture Reference Illustrated.
abstract wall sculpture in metals "Flight of the Bumble Bee" (43x61x6) is an abstract modern wall sculpture constructed in steel and aluminum by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. The contrast in metal colors, use of negative space, and curvy shapes give this contemporary wall sculpture a flowing sense of motion. This large and impressive mixed metals wall sculpture is currently available at $7000.
large hanging mobile sculpture
"Equinox" (12 feet x 12 feet) is a large scale hanging kinetic sculpture by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. It is constructed in welded stainless steel. The balance, scale, and spacing of the individual elements in this sculpture make it Bruce's favorite mobile. This modern mobile is in the corporate collection of Harsch Investment Corporation in San Diego, California.
kinetic sculpture rolling ball machine "California Dreamin " (81x50x32) is a motorized kinetic art ball machine sculpture with 2 steel balls that get lifted by a drive chain conveyor system. The balls have 3 tracks to follow that are changed each time by 2 switches, or as I like to call them "gravity operated, magnetically optimized, switching units." One of the switch ideas actually came to me one night in a dream, after several days of trying to come up with a suitable design. Take a look at the quicktime video of this machine. "California Dreamin" is part of the corporate collection at the offices of Mitch Kapor in San Francisco. A similar motorized ball machine can be commissioned for around $15,000 and up. 
suspended magnets sculpture by Bruce Gray This is a large kinetic magnetic "Suspension" sculpture by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. Those are super high powered industrial rare earth (NdFeB) neodymium iron boron magnets on the ends of the cords, and also on the frame of the circle, to hold the magnets in place by magnetic force alone. This is a 40" tall version and is available at $4000. This sculpture appeared on FOX Channel 11 News, TV show Charmed, and in the film "Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me," and that one is available at $7000.
giant insect sculpture in metal "Big Bug #1" (22x57x33) is constructed of steel, steel spheres, and found objects. Big Bug #1 is available at $6000, and Big Bug #2 is in a private collection. Big Bug #3 can be commissioned for $5000. This piece, with it's impressive large spheres, wide wingspan and swirled cone steel pipe reamer nose, must be seen in person to be appreciated. The Big Bug is equally at home on the floor, wall, or suspended from the ceiling.
metal abstract statue sculpture "Brave New World" (64x56x22) is a large freestanding abstract sculpture. It is fabricated in plasma cut / welded stainless steel. This impressive and striking sculpture seems to be in a frozen state of movement due to its curved and well balanced individual elements. The disc element almost looks like it is about to be hurled like a discus or even a bowling ball. This unique stainless steel sculpture is currently available at $15,000. SOLD.
robot sculpture "Robot Sculpture 1" (68x34x22) by metal sculptor Bruce Gray is a commissioned sculpture and is constructed primarily out of parts supplied by the client from a 2005 BMW 645CI convertible that was in an accident. (nobody got hurt) Most of these parts are cast aluminum, and I decided that I wanted to attach all parts together using existing brackets and mounting holes. This has the effect of a sculpture that you may not be able to figure out what was originally connected, and what was added and altered to create this sculpture. This robot features a movable head, pivoting (simulated) energy pulse gun with movable joystick/fire button controller, movable upper arrm and a forearm that raises and has a swiveling multi-positionable hand. The feet are heavy old steel plates from train tracks. This museum worthy robot sculpture is in a private collection in La Canada. Weight 240 pounds.

Bruce Gray's contemporary and abstract modern metal and wood sculptures have been displayed as part of group or solo art exhibitions at many Art Galleries and Art Museums from Santa Monica to Soho and abroad. The Los Angeles sculptor and artist is also well known for his kinetic sculptures which include mobiles and stabiles, amazing gravity defying suspended super power magnet sculptures, and rolling ball sculptures. Gray's sculptures, abstract paintings, and art furniture are part of over 1100 private and corporate art collections worldwide, and have appeared in hundreds of movies, TV shows, music videos, and commercials, as well as frequently in the press. Visit the official Bruce Gray website here.

Gray's impressive client list includes:
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, HBO, NBC, Warner Borthers, 20th Century Fox, Madonna, La Toya Jackson, Joan Jett, Dr Dre, Herbie Hancock, Gene Simmons, Howie Mandell, Martin Brest, Wolfgang Puck, Universal Studios, National Football League, A&M Records, Rye Films, Digital Film Works, California Pizza Kitchen, Warner Hollywood Studios, Fullman Kinetics, New Line Cinema, Southern California Edison, Stop Look Listen Inc., Witness, ING Group, Network Solutions, Kapor Enterprises Inc., Little Rock National Airport, Coca Cola, Reebok, Chevrolet, Sony, Disney, Sprint, Gucci, General Motors, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Harley Davidson, Ford, CBS, Playboy, Lexus, Honda, IBM, Audi, Pontiac, Mattel, McDonalds, Toyota, Microsoft, Zenith, Canon, Industrial Metal Supply Company, Fila, Edwards Air Force Base, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and Harsch Investment Corp.

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